Sunday, 12 February 2012

Flower Arrangements by Julie Voyce

There was a nagging temptation to make a couple of R.I.P crosses. Why tempt fate? The two phone booths will still be there, in front of the LBCO: Sturdy landline back-ups that ooze accountability. So when that sleek sexy jewel of a mobile konks out, when that thoughtful
beau needs to check the wine with their sweetheart- our intrepid phones will be ready, draped in plexi wraps, each one sporting a lovely fascinator.

Throughout February, Julie Voyce is maintaining sets of flower arrangements, or fascinators, handcrafted by her and set atop the telephones at two booths at Queens Quay East and Freeland. The installation is a romantic gesture for Valentine's Day, and a heart felt acknowledgment all month long of the liquor store nearby...

Julie has this to say about the experience of installing her fascinators in a booth:

The shipping tape didn’t grip. Both fascinators can be tipped off their box phone heads with one gust of wind. Now, no worries about any damage. When Paola informed me that Bell had not been asked for permission, I was all in! Guerrilla Intervention! Bring it on! And then the sobering thought of a large corporation suing and all of us left permanently broke. Is copyright limited to logos or does it extend to the whole booth? What a cold shower. Installation particulars have been tweaked. I chickened out.

At check in on week two, Julie has reported one fascinator missing, with two pennies in its place. Thus this week there are 3 fascinators: two in one booth and one in the other booth, along with two pennies.

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