Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Flag's up, reports Stuart Keeler

The flag of India was up on April 1st, reports Stuart Keeler who has issued an open call, where a series of unique flags are set to fly at about half mast:

Wave Your Flag.

All citizens of Toronto and beyond are invited to hang a flag of their choosing for a two week period. An ad-hoc flag pole has been co-opted at the corner of Wellesley and Jarvis.
This project aims to animate a new form of citizen engaged public art. All are welcome to participate!

Your Flag is requested for flying !… The flag can be a political allegiance, national pride or a conceptual address on the meaning of flags, or you are welcome to interpret the platform with a personal flag of your own design and meaning. The goal of the project is not to censor the flag – rather to present the icon with respect and provide conversation on national or personal identity. The flag can be an existing flag, a hand made flag, a purchased flag, a personal interpretation of a flag. The “flag” is up to you as the participant to decide. The goal is to create dialogue at the corner of the intersection with the mark of private intention within public space. The intersection of Jarvis and Wellesley is highly trafficked by pedestrians and motorists throughout the day. All Flags displayed will be documented and presented as part of the exhibition at tel-talk.

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