Saturday, 10 December 2011

Fun Booth, you beat us to the punch!

Photo credit: Brian Anderson

WeSeeInc. is the collective moniker under which Roy Kohn and Kate Vasyliw generate collaborative art projects. Fun Booth appeared at the north east corner of Lambertlodge Ave and Christie St in November and raised a lot of eyebrows, including ours! Seems as though we're definitely not the only ones who think phone booths need a little love and attention. We're thrilled to now have WeSee Inc on board. Here's what they have to say:

Phone booths were once novelties and quickly became an assumptive necessity. The advent of the cellular phone and its ensuing popularity relegated the booths to redundancy. The concept of Fun Booth was to transform a vandalized and ignored relic into something appealing. Fun fur and mirrored mylar were used to create a transient carnivalesque aesthetic. Now a miniature House of Mirrors the booth reflects the irony of becoming a novelty prop for cell phone snapshots.

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