Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pop Phreak: The Birds & Superman

When I think about phone booths in pop culture, two things spring instantly to my head: Tippi Hendron and Superman. Phone booths aren’t just street furniture they are an entire structure with (assumed) functioning communications technology, and four walls and a roof to separate you from the outside world.  When waiting for the streetcar in miserable or cold winter weather, like today, where there isn’t a transit shelter, phone booths provide shelter from the elements…  and in a world that is built by Alfred Hitchcock, a shelter from vicious, killer seagulls.

The creators of Superman must have also thought that a telephone booth could protect from prying eyes.  Clark Kent could easily change into Superman completely unnoticed in one of these booths.

Certainly when the writers came up with this device phone booths were plentiful, you could find them on most street corners.  I wonder what would Superman do today with such a decrease in options? Would he run to the closest Starbucks men's room?

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