Friday, 2 March 2012

Call ended: Flower Arrangements by Julie Voyce

February 2nd: Install day.
If you look closely, just behind the telephone booths stands the artist herself!
Queens Quay & Freeland, photo credit: Liis Toliao

Install day: I met Julie on a brisk and clear Feburary morning just as the city was just waking up.  Handfuls of commuters were shuffling along this stretch of the Queens Quay where construction vechilcles seem to grow out of the ground.

The delicate looking flower arrangements were already in place, instantly making these plastic boxes brighter and, dare I say, inviting?  One in each booth sitting atop the telephones.  If I was making a call on one side and someone was in the other, it might almost feel like we were sitting across a table with each other over dinner, these small arrangments like a centrepiece between us.

Passers-by looked quizzically at us.  No one stopped to ask what we were doing.  Below, Julie's observations of the installation through the month of February:

Julie's Report, Week 1: One facinator missing replaced by two pennies. Two facinators added back in for a total of three (two in one booth and one in the other... along with two pennies).  Extra flowers for the weekend preceeding Valentine's.

Julie's Report, Week 2:  The flowers and pennies are gone from the south booth and in the north booth, both flower facinators had been cruelly knocked to the ground only to be replaced by an empty can of beer and some litter!

Julie's Report, Week 3: All of the flower arrangements are gone.  No pennies or beer cans either. 

End communication.

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