Sunday, 11 March 2012

We Need To Talk by Anthea Foyer and Rob King

photo credit: Liis Toliao's open invitation to seek out "chat booths" and join in on the conversation: Anthea Foyer and Rob King will be managing an installation from March 14 to 21 at two booths that were chosen for their iconic neighbourhood locations. Here's a description of what they will be doing:

Our society is rapidly becoming more and more divided.  Right vs Left.  Rich vs Poor.  Urban vs Suburban.  And so on and so on...  We believe that a little conversation, a little understanding, and a little sharing can go a long way.  We would like to give two neighbourhoods a voice with which to engage each other in a long conversation.  Specifically we want to connect the Bay Street crowd with Jarvis and Queen.  At each site we will create a warm and cosy environment in each of these phone booths.  When passerby pick up with phone and dial the provided number they will be greeted by a message recorded in the other phone booth. After listening to the message they will be prompted to record a response. This response will then be used as the greeting message in the other neighbourhood's phone booth.  In a way, one resident at a time will provide a voice for their neighbourhood, and create a dialog between the two very different areas.

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