Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Red Wagon's getting cozy

Nancy Viva Davis Halifax and Kim Jackson are Red Wagon Collective. They live in the Junction neighbourhood and use the arts in community to foster social justice. Both are long-time artist/activists who enjoy disrupting and making visible the borders of neoliberal practices. They think art should be sparkley, tangled, and resistive... and their installation, which goes up tomorrow, is informed by the use of domestic arts and reflects and engages the work done with women in the Junction neighbourhood experiencing poverty. 

For the past several years Red Wagon Collective has met weekly with the women at the Salvation Army Evangeline Shelter and have completed various projects together. They have been knitting, crocheting, beading, drawing, painting, book making and more. The artists of Red Wagon Collective have been developing a community-based arts practice that blurs the lines of community and contemporary art through a focus on arts practice as significant to social relations. The Tel-talk installation troubles the boundaries between community and contemporary art. Their aim with the installation is to intervene into the public space of the Junction with the presence of women from the community who do not generally have a presence. 

Look for the installation at Pacific Avenue and Dundas West. It will be up through the duration of the accompanying Tel-talk exhibition at Telephone Booth Gallery, just down the street.

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