Saturday, 16 June 2012

Telephone by Paul Hong

There was a click and a buzzing noise. An operator cut in:

"Sir, on behalf of the National Phone Company and Dial-A-Services Incorporated, I am excited to inform you that you are our one millionth caller from this phone booth! Congratulations sir, you've just won a fabulous prize!"

Joseph said nothing.


"Is this a joke?"

"This is most certainly not a joke, sir. We have been holding a special contest where the millionth caller of a randomly chosen phone booth is awarded a prize of a lifetime and I'm happy to say that special winner is you! Congratulations again and I am certain that this will change your life for the better. Sir, are you excited? How do you feel?"

Joseph hesitated for a moment. "I didn't even know there was a contest… what do I win?"

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This is an excerpt of Paul Hong's story, which takes place inside the booth on Yonge Street, south of Churchill, in front of Thai Bistro, next to Mezzanotte on the south and Owl of Minerva on the north. The full story is in Tel-talk, with copies of the book available at the Telephone Booth Gallery and soon on Amazon Books.


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