Saturday, 5 May 2012

"Ash Take 12": Last Call by Otino Corsano

Otino Corsano operated his booth at Finch and Bayview as a sound recording booth. He invited three professional actors (Ash, Emily and Maarika) to perform audio tracks guided only by general parameters: to invent realistic scripts ad lib - metaphorically referencing the slow extinction of telephone booths across Toronto. For each "last call", actors injected their own undirected themes and voice designs. Otino then edited their source performances and worked with Waltar Sawan, a sound technician based in Vancouver, to mix the final audio tracks for the gallery show at Telephone Booth Gallery, opening party and book launch on June 15th. The results are unexpected. Otino explains,

These brief artworks were designed as "movie trailers sans visuals" warping the sound components of telecommunication radio spots into detritus - slowly dissolving to reveal new digital bliss. 

"Ash Take 12" original voice recordings were conducted on Sun. Feb. 19, 2012.

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