Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lansdowne Light Box: Change The Colour

Change The Colour

When you want to speak to the invisible
This Coffee Time will do
but it helps to change the colour.

At the pay phone,
down at heel, high on something
a man is talking to a woman.

Connection at a click
- disconnection at another.

She hears red.

The colour of his skin
the rash between his fingers
an occupational hazard
of washing with chemicals
in a night-time-day-job.

rush of confusion
when he, says her name.

The telephone booth transforms
when he imagines her as colour.

the colour of her humane voice
on a visible journey coming from
the other end of the line.

Holding the receiver
she waits out pauses
listens to his breathing.

The listening saves him
from this moment,
maybe his life
and the multi-colours sticking to his shoe -
chewing gum and gravel spit out
while looking for change.

keeps trying hard
to say what needs to be said
with words he doesn’t have.

Distracted, distressed by what’s on the ground,
street traffic, and living this way.

Colour arrives
just-in-time to fill the empty space
and stains the windows
with all things human.

End Notes:
The church at Wallace Ave. and 243 Perth is another example of church architecture with stain-glass windows disappearance or transformation.  The billboard shows the grand, red brick church transformed into a beige stucco condo.

Check out Dyan Marie's installation up through to the end of July. Image by Dyan Marie.

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